Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome to all you Vizsla lovers and to those who may be reading with potential interest. A Vizsla is a unique dog, which perhaps until you have experienced one, will not truly understand the allure of these majestic dogs. This blog will include some stories and pictures, as well as a little diary of the dogs as they grow up. Although a Vizsla blog in essence, there will be some poetic licence allowed for my little Rescued German Short Haired Pointer who is an honorary Vizsla who we say is just oddly coloured. Ozkar and Astro are the two Vizsla boys and Zsa Zsa is our little GSP girl. They all get on famously as you will see by the pics as we go along.

I hope you enjoy what you read and welcome any feedback or comments.

These are the earliest pictures I have of Ozkar, Astro and Zsa Zsa (In order).

Ozkar was the first to join the family. He was born in november 2010 and came home in January 2011. He is now 14 months old.

Astro who is now 11 months old, came home when he was 6 1/2 months old.

Zsa Zsa who was rescued came home when she was 12 months old (A guestimate) and is now 19 months old.

This is the most recent picture of all three and as you can see, they don't stay little puppies for long!


  1. Good start. You'll get this computer thing yet. I took a slide rule class in college. I thought using a hand held calculator was cheating. You are now linked to redbirddog. Let the pictures and stories begin!

  2. So how do I go about linking you into me RBD?

  3. Looking good! Nice to see you in the blogging world. :D

  4. To link redbirddoog to Aussie Vizsla Diaries it is a gadget called link list where you add the sites location and discription.

    Good start!


  5. Hi from Crazy Kian over on HVF...can't wait to read your future posts.
    Congrats again.