Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The dogs found this little creature very interesting, all be it a little prickly!! For those living outside of Australia, this is our version of an Ant eater. It is called an Echidna. When frightened or threatened, they dig themselves into the ground and let the spines protect them. I have tried to dig one out, but they really do get a strong grip on Terra Firma. Unlike a porcupine however, there spines don't embed themselves into their predators, it merely makes it next to impossible to penetrate. A very cute and gentle creature and yet another of the many unusual animals we have here in Australia.


  1. Marty,
    Now your on a roll. Suggestions. Bigger font. You are using normal. I often use large. Make more seperations between sentences Use more of the page. Place pictures throughout the article instead of all before or all after. Gets the reader to want to see and then read what is next. More pictures of this little creature? Maybe a link to a website about the guy.


  2. Thank so much. I appreciate all your comments. I'll have a sniff around before I make the next post and see if I can Jazz it up a little.