Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I wouldn't have believed it, unless I had seen it for myself. Astro is a right little fisherdog!! I watched him intrigued by something in the water at the edge of the lake. By the time I got close enough to see, he had landed this fish and brought it to me to proudly show what an old salty he is!!!


  1. Now were talking! Good job Astro. Where was the river?

  2. Rod, that is the lake which is literally about 1 klm from my front door in Melbourne's eastern Suburbs. Planning laws now require that each new housing or Industrial estate, must have a storm water collection mechanism which will drip feed the storm water which runs off from the houses and roads, into the main storm water system. It is an area of about 4 square klms. There are Quail in the grasslands surrounding it and a few different species of ducks and water birds which habitate the area. Oh...also a few Red Bellied Black snakes and a few Tiger Snakes as well. So it's fun, but you need to be vigilant.