Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A successful hunt....all be it with the odds stacked.

On our walk today, Astro and Zsa Zsa gave me a really strong point. When I looked, there was a bunny sitting in the shade under a tree. I gave them a hand signal to "Flush" and they ran forward after the Rabbit. Normally, the bunnies are off before either one can get near it. But this little bunny was not as lucky. Partly due to the dogs being down wind and slightly behind a bush and partly due to the Rabbit being partially blind in one eye from a dose of Mixomatosis.

Zsa Zsa got to it first and grabbed it around the neck and headed back towards me. This is the first time they have caught onto a live one, so they were a little unsure. The rabbit gave a wriggle in Zsa Zsa's mouth and she dropped it. The Rabbit didn't get much of a reprieve however, with Astro being in the right time at the right place and scooped it up and started heading towards me. The Rabbit gave another wriggle and Astro then dropped it, but picked it straight back up, gave it another shake and brought it to me.

It was completely unharmed apart from being one very frightened Rabbit. I could very well have let it go into a bush, but, it had Mixo in one eye and was well on it's way to a slow and painful death, so I humanely put it out of it's misery immediately. I then made sure the dogs didn't start to eat it, as I wasn't keen on them eating a diseased Rabbit.  But, Astro and Zsa Zsa were very very proud of their little bunny achievements today, as was I.

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  1. Well done Astro and Zsazsa. Our place experienced a rabbit infestation as of late. Hard to walk 2 steps without seeing a rabbit somewhere. Heaven for dogs - Sam never caught one, yet.

    Julius -V Forum-