Friday, 2 March 2012

Vizslas should have been mailmen

They say the post always got through, come rain, hail, sleet or snow! I think exercising your Vizsla fits in there somewhere nicely. It's been very wet of late, with a lot of our usual walking spots under water. Slowly, the waters are subsiding to reveal new smells and even some new animals to explore. This week (Sans camera unforunately) they saved two baby water birds which had been washed from their nests and out into open grasslands. With no mother about, they were a definite meal for some predator. Luckily, Astro brought them to me in his mouth, unharmed and we rushed them up to the local bird rescue girl. Job done!

Astro is very feather focussed. Even some left over from where the pelicans were resting. The Blackberry's are also ripe and ready for the most part, so each walk they get a little berry treat halfway along. Astro in particular, hangs around me very closely once we near where the Blackberry bushes are. I think he may find them as tasty as I do. They are juicy and delicious at the moment, literally falling off the bush when touched.

The lake has flooded and receded twice in the last week. Lots of rain, then a few dry days and then more rain has it rising and falling overnight. Sometimes the tracks are under water and we are restricted to the dam wall.

Here are just a few pics of Astro and our honorary Vizsla Zsa Zsa (She's the one with the spots) out on our walks this week.

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