Saturday, 7 April 2012

A new camera to improve the visual experience

My 7 year old digital camera finally got tired of coping with dirt and water and stopped working recently. It's why we have been a little slack with the pics, rather than subject you to too many shots taken with the mobile phone. Today we tried out the new Fuji 770EXR. It was a very dull day and I was learning my way around the camera, but on first use, I am impressed with how well it takes shots. I'm a photographic newby, so unless it's point and click, I'm lost. Here is the first pic I took.


  1. Very nice. If there is a sports setting use that with Vizslas. Otherwise you will get many red blurs across the screen. I usually increase the saturation using the "fix" option. With Vizslas, a green background always works.


  2. Yes, you're right, plus I think my adjustment of the pic on the computer was a fail also, which doesn't help that pic. That pic was also taken in low light, from about 50 metres away using about 18X Zoom on the automatic EXR setting which does it all for you including focussing. It was one of the first, if not the first pic I took and I was testing out this auto function to see how good it was. Once I get used to how everything works, I will start playing with the settings to get a better result. But the weather is shocking here at the moment. Overcast and drizzly. So I will have to wait for some nicer days. I havn't got my head around setting it up for low light and sports mode yet.......... give me time mate....give me time.....