Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's been a while since I last posted, so I thought it best to jump online and let you all know what's been happening. A few months ago, I made the decision to explore the natural instincts of my Vizslas and my Pointer and take them hunting. Vizslas and Pointers are generally described as general purpose gun dogs. With an ability to focus on both feathers and fur.

Rather than go down the standard path of training for birds, I made a decision to go down a slightly more difficult path. That of Hunting Deer, Goats, Foxes and Rabbits. These animals are all non native to Australia and as such are classified as pests. So not only will it be an experience for the dogs, but it will also aid in reducing the impact of introduced species on the Australian Flora and Fauna.

Once again, rather than making things too easy, instead of opting to use a firearm, I have rekindled a hobby I had at school, that of archery. So instead of using a firearm, we will be hunting with a bow. This is going to provide both myself and the dogs an even greater challenge. Anyone who has hunted Deer will know how easily spooked they are and how difficult it is to get within rifle range, let alone, the closer proximity required to get a clean take down from a bow.

So, of late it has been a process of re-skilling myself and becoming bow proficient again, which is now achieved. As well as commencing the training of the dogs in tracking animals in the bush. Thus far we have only been on one hunt and did not even get a chance to place an arrow on the string. But, it is all slowly coming together. I have been a little slack with the taking of pics, being so focussed on getting myself and the dogs ready prior to the Deer season kicking off. (It commenced in early May)

I am actually sitting in camp as I type this, having hunted all day without ever getting within range. The dogs are all asleep by my side in the tent as they are exhausted from using their noses all day. Next weekend is a holiday weekend and we will be going out again. Next weekend however I will have someone else with me, so may have an opportunity to take some pics and post them up. Here is a big Sambar Deer which was spotted on the property we hunt on recently. With any luck, the dogs will be eating Venison soon enough.

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