Sunday, 5 May 2013

A shoulder charge from Skippy

We have just returned from a walk around the outskirts of the property. No hunting today, just a walk. As we were coming down the steep hill on the back boundary, the pups had been walking a few metres to my left off the dirt roadway. Next thing I see a large Kangaroo bound out of the bushes and down the hill. I looked to my left to see what the pups were doing and both were frozen solid. They have never been this close to a big roo, so I think it put the wind up them a touch :)

I was just standing still, watching the big one bounding down the steep slope when another, even larger one, hopped out of the bush on my left. It headed up the hill parallel to me at first, then it took a 90 degree left turn and headed straight for me. It obviously didn't see me, as it hopped straight into me knocking me over with it's shoulder as it bounded through me. No injuries to either party thankfully, but I bet the Roo had to go home and change it's undies. I know I did!!! :)

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