Thursday, 2 May 2013

Today we worked on improving steadiness at the bow shot. It's really my fault and having two intelligent dogs......... please allow me to explain.

When I trained the dogs, I only trained them for the bow, not for the gun. With the bow, there is no such thing as a follow up shot. It takes way too long to remove another arrow from the quiver, place it on the string, draw, aim and release. By this stage a Deer if not hit properly the first time is long gone. So I always trained the dogs to break as soon as the arrow left the bow. Of course, they also started anticipating the shot and it's now got to a point where I need to fix it, both for bow hunting and in case we hunt under a gun again.

So today, we walked down to the range on the farm and I pegged the dogs to the ground. I placed a favourite toy... a piece of rope... near the target and started shooting. Of course they wanted to break once the arrow left the bow. I gave the wait command, steadied them and once they were calm, made them look at the target and then gave the GO command. I did it with one dog at a time and repeated it 5 times each. Then we had playtime. :) I love playtime!

So this drill will be repeated daily for a week and then we are going to go back out and test them on it during a hunt. Fingers crossed this will make things a lot easier whenever we are hunting under a gun. I would hate someone to either have to not take a follow up shot, or worse still, have them shoot one of the pups by accident.

I'll keep you posted as to how we go!

This is the gun club on the property. to the right are three still serviceable shooting lanes which we use for target practice and training. Not a bad setting to be training in really. While we were training, a Sambar Doe jumped the fence not 10 metres to the left of us. I think she may have been a little shocked to see us in there as it is rarely used and has become a haven from the wind and rain for the Deer. 

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