Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Video diaries to be added soon

Today I received a package in the mail from my dog trainer and friend Matt. He was with us last weekend when we shot the Sambar Doe and was lamenting the fact that I had no decent camera and no video equipment to record the memories.

Anyway, in the typical spirit of Aussie mateship, he went home and dragged out his old HD handycam and popped it in the post to me. It arrived today, complete with a memory card, batteries charger and all the gear to plug it into the computer. I just have to download a manual and a driver for it and then learn how to use it.

So, as soon as I have my head around all that, I will endeavour to do some filing and load them into the Aussie Vizsla Diaries. There won't be a lot of film taken when close to the point of shooting an arrow, as I mostly hunt solo and when that close, the focus is on slipping an arrow into it more so than videoing it. But when the freezer is full, when we are walking in, or a distance from the Deer and after the takedown, I can certainly try and take some footage to share.

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  1. Woooo! Super excited to see some hunting videos. :D I never think about taking videos when the pups are hunting. I get so focused on the hunt I forget about everything else!