Thursday, 27 June 2013

A week of munted legs

Well it's been an interesting few weeks of hunting. We have been taking a bunny for dinner every day. The pups are totally into the whole routine. We get dressed in our finest hunting gear (A pair of jeans, some sports shoes, a long sleeve T Shirt and jumper if necessary) pick up the little bunny gun, watch the pups get excited and head up to bunny hill. We sneak over the top of the hill through the thick Ti tree for cover, they stand behind me, I line one up, squeeze, wait a few seconds and tell them go get it. They run down towards the aim point, sniff about, one or the other finds the bunny and then returns it to me. I then gut it and we head back down the hill to home, where I divide it up. Basically they get half each, but they take it in turns of getting the head. As said before, they eat the whole thing. Fur and all. Great roughage!!

But this week we had two firsts. First of all we shot a Sambar. A three legged one at that. Poor girl had had an injury at some point and her front right leg was missing from the knee joint down. It had obviously not slowed her too much as she ended up having a fantastic amount of meat on her. Again the pups performed well, pointed her to me, waited for me to fire, waited for the go get it command and went to the carcass. This one didn't need tracking. She fell instantly with a headshot ensuring she did not suffer any pain. Lights out immediately, which is just how I like it.

Then a few days later, we did our daily trip to bunny hill and the bunny had a healed but previously broken front leg as well. Again, this one was a headshot, so bugs was lights out instantly too. It makes me very happy when this can occur regularly. While an engine room shot is quick, a shot to the computer is instant.

Here are some pics of some happy puppies and some of the unusual legs these animals were living with.


  1. Pups are looking gorgeous as usual! :)

  2. You might not think so if I took a pic today Ashley........ They gorged themselves on Venison yesterday when I butchered the Sambar we shot last week.......... they look like little beach balls......... The bedroom was thick with Venison nocturnal emissions last night too........ Could have cut the air up and handed out slices........ :)

  3. LOL! Vizslas sure know how to clear a room. ;)