Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A change of tools led to a lot of fun for all....

As a bowhunter previously and having recently returned to firearms due to an illness which makes it very painful to use the bow; I have been having issues finding challenges to rival that of hunting with the bow. While long range shots are a challenge, they are also a bit like playing a computer game for me. For the pups, they have difficulty in seeing the prey that's been shot at 150 metres or more. So today, I changed tools and picked up the old AYA SxS 12 gauge shotgun

The bunnies on the property are very wary after years of having spotlighters hammer them and the owner smack them from his verandah on an almost daily basis. When hunting them previously with the bow, we might take 3 or 4 a week. With the popgun it's one shot, one bunny from longer distances. So I thought going back to the shottie might make it a little more like the bow in as far as we have to get within 50 metres to make it work. 

So this afternoon we went out with two shells hoping to catch one unawares. We climbed the hill to bunny central, but the bunnies were not playing ball. There were spotlighters out hammering them last night and they do get a bit skittish the day after. I heard at least 50 rounds go off early last evening, so figured today might be a great challenge.

So after failing to see one at bunny central, we traversed the gully heading down to the bottom where there is a small creek covered with ti tree and blackberry. as we came down the hill, I spotted on hanging about just near a blackberry thicket. But he was too good for us and made a bolt for his burrow when we got to about 100 metres. So we continued on down the gully, past the dam and into the sides of the creek. 

As we crested a small ridge, I picked up some movement and colour. One had busted us and made a b line for his burrow. However, another boy at 50 metres wasn't quick enough. I shouldered the shottie, clicked the safety forward, aimed and squeezed the the go button. The shot was good, and punched him in his left shoulder. He made a brief attempt to make it to his burrow, but he ran out of steam about 10 metres from where he was shot. 

The pups were very excited as they could see all this and instead of wondering where whatever it was I had shot was, they could see it as I aimed and see it make a dash. I guess as they haven't had much close up stuff of late, they got too excited and they broke point. Bugger... I thought we had fixed this, but obviously we will have to do a little more work. I recalled them, settled them and then let them go after him. Astro was first to him, which is unusual. Normally little Zsa Zsa is the one who will be first to the prize. He picked it up, it wriggled...he dropped it. Smile Zsa Zsa ever the opportunist, snapped it up quick smart and trotted back to me with it. She handed me the bunny, tail and head high and obviously very proud of her achievement. Both got lots of praise for a job well done. 

We gutted it and headed home. Once home, I fed them their dry food and while they ate that, I cut the bunny up and they got that as desert. Zsa Zsa has become a real fiend for the bunny heads. When I cut them off and give them to her, she prances around with it in her mouth, throwing it up in the air and catching it again. It's very cute. I must remember to video it next time. It makes me giggle like a little girl! Smile 

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  1. I like it. We hunt what we can and enjoy the fruits of the harvest. Video would be great.